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bfon supports a wide range of phone devices. 

From 8 inch touch screen, business phones, video phones down to simple economic phones. 



BNK combines the advantages of IP-Phones with the advantages of system-phones - all fully central administrated - powered  by our BNK firmware. 

Beside automatic provisioning bfon supports XML menu (forwards, BLF, Pickupgroups etc.), LDAP, ADS Exchange and full phone backup and restore.


bfon Product Series

Innovative ICT Solutions

  • 50 - 400 User Standalone System
  • 100 - 15.000 extensions as HS Cluster version 

bfon is a highly innovative, flexible PBX solution especially developed for today’s business needs. 

With more than 10 years of development and advanced tested and use by the biggest German car manufacture bfon is one of the most innovative and reliable PBX solution on the market.  

It is license cost free, without any upgrade limitations and our unique flexible Call-Router allows the best possible support for your business at any time. 

  • Powerful feature set with intuitive Usability
  • Call-Center Solution even for our small systems
  • Unique flexible Call-Router for ideal Team Support (from Sales to Support)

bfon CS400 Commercial-Business Solution

The bfon CS-Series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial business applications. So this series scaled from 200 up to 1000 concurrent calls, that might be sufficient for installations up to 10,000 extensions.

Besides the high scalability particular emphasis on reliability and ease of integration into existing business applications has been set. BNK uses DELL OEM extended Lifetime Hardware. The powerfull high-end 1U server hardware with redundant power supplies delivers long lasting high performance at low power consumption. 

Our external IP based 19"  media gateways (E1, T1, S0, FXS, FXO, Fax, Modem, GSM) complets the optimal overall concept.

bfon unique database PBX solution is designed to be clustered. We offer different cluster solutions with dedicated Database Server with and without Load-Balancer as bfon HS Enterprise Products. 

As a hybrid PBX-system the following connections are supported:

  • 1 - 16 x E1 / PMX (or up to 4x T1)
  • 1 - 48x S0 / ISDN
  • 1 - 1024x Analoge Ports
  • 1 - 48x GSM
  • 1 - 16x Modem Ports (33.300 Baud)
  • 1- 128x Fax Port


Available single bfon CS Systems:

  • CS200 - recommended up to 200 extensions
  • CS300- recommended up to 300 extensions
  • CS400- recommended up to 400 extensions

All bfon solutions are offered as a functional ready-to-go and proven package of hardware, software and service.



The increasingly powerful smartphones works already well as full-fledged PBX-devices. With a good wireless connection it can replace standard DECT handsets.


With the top smartphones Video and Web Conferencing is possible as well. The BNK bfon SB50 supports standard video telephony.


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