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bfon supports a wide range of phone devices. 

From 8 inch touch screen, business phones, video phones down to simple economic phones. 



BNK combines the advantages of IP-Phones with the advantages of system-phones - all fully central administrated - powered  by our BNK firmware. 

Beside automatic provisioning bfon supports XML menu (forwards, BLF, Pickupgroups etc.), LDAP, ADS Exchange and full phone backup and restore.


bfon Product Line

Innovative PBX Solution

  •   50 - 400 User as Standalone
  • 100 - 15.000 User as Cluster-Solution 

bfon is a highly innovative, flexible PBX solution especially developed for today’s business needs. 

With more than 10 years of development and advanced tested and use by the biggest German car manufacture bfon is one of the most innovative and reliable PBX solution on the market.  

It is license cost free, without any upgrade limitations and our unique flexible Call-Router allows the best possible support for your business at any time. 

  • Powerful feature set with intuitive Usability
  • Call-Center Solution even for our small systems
  • Unique flexible patented Call-Router for ideal Team Support (from Sales to Support)

bfon HS1000 High Availability Solution

The bfon HS-Series has been specifically designed to secure High Availability and a maximum of scalability.
This series scales from HS500 with 500 extensions up to 15.000 extensions.
Our bfon HS Active-Active Cluster starts with two nodes and a dedicated database server. From 1000 extensions upward there are dedicated Load-Balancer.
The HS-Series provides Carrier grade availability, combined with an intuitive browser based management interface at very competitive costs.

This secures our clients a maximum of investment security. Even with exponentially business growth we can easily solve the higher demand by adding just one extra node. Besides scalability, our unique flexible Call-Router can adjusted to any changing business requirements

A conventional PBX has a fixed feature set, a fixed Call-Router and a maximum limit of extension.
This means that at the time of purchase one need to decide in advance for 5-10 years what limitations can be accepted by predicting his future business requirements.

Therefore BNK bfon Unified Communications serves your business needs free of any technical limitations.

BNK bfon HS – The smart Leading Edge Communication Solution



BNK PBX Solution


  • Low purchase costs - No licence cost

  • Very low Operating costs

  • Remote SLA's for fast respond at best costs

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to Operate

  • Flexible

  • Open Standards                    

  • Future Secure




Reduce Costs & Increase Productivity


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