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BNK offers High Performance Audio Solutions which are made in Germany.The Audio Range cover State of the Art In-ceiling Speaker and zone-free IP-Amplifiers, Outdoor Speakers, Sounddeck 3D Audio Solution up to High-End Cinema Solution.

All products are fully integrated in our smart2Home solution that allows to play music in highest quality from any device and any room independently or centralized via Playlist from our media server. Even visitors can beam their songs wireless to the specific room there just are without having network access.

Magnat Quantum Sounddeck 600

The Sounddeck is the easy way to significant improve the mostly week audio performance of actual Flat-screen TVs.

There is no need for many speakers, sub-woofer, devices and cabling of standard surround systems. These standard solution mostly deliver pretty poor Sound experience and there are just "dust" catcher.

“Add the amazing Sounddeck under your LED TVs and enjoy High-End Audio in 3D!"

Magnat Quantum Edelstein

State of the art compact high-end system with remarkable acoustic performance. The perfect combination of technological excellence and an innovative design which creates this compact masterpiece.

Magnat Quantum Cinema 750

The Prime Solution for Dolby® Surround and Dolby Atmos®

Audiophile speaker series redefine elegance and performance

Ensure the best Technology "Made in Germany" for your Home-Theater

Experience the difference!
Crystal clear Heights - vivid Mid-range and dry sharp Monster-Base that makes "addicted"

The same system delivers also High-End Audio Quality for Concerts or classical Music without any overdrive 

Magnat Quantum Home-Theater 750
- German Perfection in Hi-Fi Audio


Quantum Ceiling Speakers

High-quality best in class ceiling speakers which follow the footsteps of the Quantum Technology. 
The speakers proves that also ceiling speakers can provide high-level Hifi-Sound. In combination with our IP-Amplifier these speakers allows a a zone-free Hifi-experience for every room independently.
The system is reference standard regarding Hifi-performance for ceiling and wall speakers. And even well-known brands can not come even close regarding the performance and of course the price as well.

Magnat High-End High Current Amplifier

Speaker produce sound based on electromagnetism. Here are just two important factors. A high power magnet and the current going through the coil. High current means fast moving membranes means vivid Hi-Fi sound. But current means thick cupper cable and amplifier with low voltage power stages that are all costly to produce.

The cheap an easy way is to use audio equipment with high voltage output and low amp. On the paper these products have sufficient Watts. Because Watt is calculated by Volt * Ampere. High Watts does not say anything about good audio. Low current always results in weak audio.
More reliable is to see the size of the wiring. If the wiring is very thin the audio quality must be week, because low ampere means week audio without exemption. Most of the smart Ho
me Audio products using even network cable to power speakers. No need to say what kind of sound quality you can receive.

High-End Audio does not need to be expensive. Over the last forty year, especially one German company has proven this. Magnat offers upper High-End Audio products at reasonable pricing.

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